Puppet Consulting

We can make your IT better today!

With our strong expertise in Puppet, we can help you with almost anything to do with Puppet! Want to start using Puppet but not sure where to start? Not sure how to set up a Puppet config? Need your in-house IT team to be proficient in Puppet?

Don't fret, let us do the difficult work for you. A proper Puppet Configuration setup with all your servers, databases and VMs is crucial so you can fully leverage on Puppet, and we certainly want to help you to get the best out of it like we do!

When you team with us, you not only get personalised services but we help to increase your operational and IT efficiencies, lower your deployment costs, save time and in turn, give you a higher ROI.

  • Lite

    4 Hours per month

    € 440 /month
  • Basic

    8 Hours per month

    € 800 /month
  • Extra Pro

    32 Hours per month

    € 2800 /month
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Remote consulting services for Puppet but why should you go with us?


Be it moving your infrastructure to Puppet, setting up a Puppet config from scratch or just advice, our skilled Puppet engineers can help you with almost anything. So drop us an email, and we can work proactively together to determine your needs so that you get the best help and support you need.


Yes, we do work remotely but our engineers are fully hands-on and are always happy to teach you as well as show you what we have done, what we are doing next and discuss what you need so you will always have a full idea of everything that is going on. In the case you require onsite services, we are also happy to help arrange for that.

Problem Diagnosis & Solutions

Problems may occur but they are always fixable! So don't panic, our engineers are here to help diagnose and solve them. While we do not provide emergency support, we are always on-hand to help you the very first moment we can (definitely within one business day) so that your service is up and running as soon as possible.