Icinga Advanced

The Icinga Advanced is dedicated to Icinga and Nagios users who already acquired monitoring basics and who would like to deepen the knowledge of the new configuration format.

Icinga Advanced Training

  • Distributed Monitoring and High Availability
    • Generation of SSL CA and certificates
    • Cluster configuration including zone model for permissions
    • Cluster health checks and configuration synchronisation
    • Master-Checker and High-Availability by practical example
    • Discuss scenarios and possible design problems
  • Database and Java Monitoring
    • Overview of scenarios and check plugins
    • Monitoring MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MSSQL databases
    • Installation and Configuration of plugins
  • Java Application Monitoring
    • Java Monitoring Extensions (JMX) Overview
    • Jolokia and JMX4Perl by practical example
  • Log Monitoring
    • Scenario and plugins overview
    • Plugins by example (e.g. check_logfiles)
    • Centralized solution by practical example (Logstash)
  • VMWare Monitoring
    •  Available check plugins
    • VMWare Perl SDK
  • Real time Monitoring with Graphite
    • Add real-time checks to Icinga 2
    • Enable the GraphiteWriter feature
    • Discuss possible use-case scenarios     

In order to perform the hands-on exercises, each student needs to bring a WiFi enabled laptop to participate in the labs.


3 days


This course has no prerequisites, but to complete the course successfully attendees need to have at least the equivalent experience of a junior system administrator.

What will you learn: 

After completing this course, students will will get an overview of the new configuration format. They will gain indepth inside in the Open Source Monitoring sofware Icinga, its add-ons as well as the monitoring of modern IT infrastructure.

What is provided: 

  • Original training material from Icinga
  • Lunch for all 4 days of training
  • Support and help after the training

Training Partner: