LFD420: Linux Kernel Internals and Development

Learn how to develop for the Linux kernel. In this course you’ll learn how Linux is architected, the basic methods for developing on the kernel, and how to efficiently work with the Linux developer community. If you are interested in learning about the Linux kernel, this is absolutely the definitive course on the subject. 

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4 Days


Students should be proficient in the C programming language, basic Linux (UNIX) utilities such as ls, grep and ta, and be comfortable with any of the available text editors (e.g. emacs, vi, etc.) Experience with any major Linux distribution is helpful but not strictly required.

What will you learn: 

This course is designed to provides experienced programmers with a solid understanding of the Linux kernel. In addition to a detailed look at the theory and philosophy behind the Linux kernel, you’ll also participate in extensive hands-on exercises and demonstrations designed to give you the necessary tools to develop and debug Linux kernel code. In this course you’ll learn:

  • How Linux is architected
  • How kernel algorithms work
  • Hardware and memory management
  • Modularization techniques and debugging
  • How the kernel developer community operates and how to efficiently work with it.
  • And much more.

The information in this course will work with any major Linux distribution.

What is provided: 

Course Materials

As part of your registration, a printed copy of the course manual will be provided.

What is next: 

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