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Success Stories from around the world

We train and work with a wide variety of companies and organizations worldwide. From prenatal clinics, to holiday cottage bookings, the case studies below are just a handful of success stories showing how our engineers have been able to provide customized solutions to meet the growing demands of our customers' businesses.

Examples of our experience


KPN asked OlinData to help implement a Puppet to manage their fleet of over 10.000 servers. They were looking for experts with in-depth knowledge on Puppet and, as such, ended up working with OlinData. After the first project, we also helped them out with continuous integration and deployment of their Puppet environment.


SuperControl is an online holiday cottage booking system processing over 2 Million GBP per day. OlinData has helped them since 2009 to make sure their database infrastructure is top-notch. We started helping them when they had just one database server. That has since grown to a large powerful Percona XtraDB Cluster providing the resiliency and uptime that is expected of a leading player in their industry.


IRDeto decided to migrate most of their physical infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) a while ago. For a large company this is not easy, so they asked OlinData to help. We embedded one of our most senior AWS engineers at irDeto to help educate the existing teams and improve their processes leaning more towards the cloud. We introduced  several new technologies including Rundeck and  Serverless/API Gateway. Of course all of our work has been properly documented to make sure it stays useful and understandable long after we leave.


RaetsMarine (a MS Amlin company) was using a Nagios offshoot called OpsView for the past several years. With the introduction of several DevOps tools we also brought automation into the mix. It then became clear that OpsView was not meeting their requirements. We proposed Icinga with it’s file based configuration and heavy Puppet integration and decided it fit the bill. We first replaced the old monitoring setup with the Icinga setup and then improved from there with InfluxDB and Grafana integrations, Business Process Monitoring and SSL encryption of all monitoring traffic.

Companies we have worked with

Below you can see a selection of clients we have worked with in the last few years.


There is always room for new clients!

Do you have a potential project you would like to discuss? An Open Source software challenge? Just want to get in touch? Then please give us a call at +31 (0)6 172 427 61 or fill in the contact form. We hope to hear from you soon!