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Andrew Farley Senior DevOps Engineer & Consultant


About Farley

Farley (going only by his last name) is a battle-hardened systems administrator and technology generalist, with specialties in certain areas. He is a big proponent of open source software, version control systems, automation, monitoring, and continuous integration.

Get in touch with Farley

Call him on +31 (0)6 172 427 61 or send an e-mail to him through the contact form

Summary of experience

Farley started young, programming BASIC on Mac II's and TI Calculators.  Eventually he pivoted into tech support, then developing on the web, and finally systems administration.  He's interned for Apple Computer back in 1999 and 2001, and using this experience launched a series of his own startups and was contracted by others' startups at various stages over the next 17 years.

He's successfully authored, programmed, designed, and been a part of over 30 successful iPhone/Android applications since the dawn of the smartphone.  Many of which also included highly scalable backends programmed in various languages (C, PHP, NodeJS, Java).  One of his games was an AppStore launch title.

His experience as a Senior Systems Administrator at helped hone his skill at high availability and at high scalability engineering.  The systems Farley engineered during his time here included multi-tiered caching solutions, log collection and analysis solutions, monitoring systems, MySQL sharding systems, job engines, configuration management with Puppet, and mailing services.  These and other systems allowed for the system to grow to handle 3.2 million users, 20k concurrent users, and up to 5 million emails per-day with uptime at 99.9% at the time of his departure.

He's leveraged a number of technologies as they come into existence, helped submit patches and feedback/bugs to a number of open source projects, and continues to adopt and evolve skill-sets based on the industry.

Farley has spoken at a number of conferences including DevOps Day, LinuxWorld, MacWorld, and smaller Mac/maker conventions and gatherings, and plans to continue to do so.

Education background

Farley has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Mt. Sierra College, Monrovia, California and has received numerous certifications in the past which are largely irrelevant now.  His knowledge comes from digging in, trying new technologies, starting or contributing to projects, launching his own startups and contracting out skills to others.  He continues to learn and adopt new technologies.

Specialist areas

  • Linux Systems
  • AdministrationMonitoring Systems
  • Log Collection, Analysis and Reporting
  • Architecture Diagramming and Documentation
  • Security Auditing
  • Over 6 years experience managing cloud-based services on numerous cloud platforms
  • AWS Certified Specialist
  • Mac Evangelist

Interesting or little known facts

Farley enjoys engineering micro-electronics, such as little standalone Arduino-based sensors, or interactive art pieces, or custom-built quadcopters and is always on the lookout on how to leverage this passion with work.

Get in touch with Farley

Call him on +31 (0)6 172 427 61 or send an e-mail to to him through the contact form

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