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Choon Ming Goh Principal Consultant & Trainer


About Choon

Choon Ming is a linux expert of the kind you won’t easily find: he feels right at home analysing network packets or fixing low-level disk problems. That said, his wide experience in enterprises around the world give him an excellent higher level view on how to solve complex architectural problems. 

Get in touch with Choon

Call him on +31 (0)6 172 427 61 or send an e-mail to him through the contact form

Summary of business experience and qualifications

I began my first career as a systems administrator and backend programmer of OnApp Malaysia (formerly known as Aflexi) a company that builds CDN software. There I manage the CDN infrastructure on my own where I was responsible to keep the global business running smoothly without affecting all the clients. During my 18 months employment, I've gained many experience in managing thousands of servers in critical and high availability situation as well as optimizing and solving the problems within a short time frame using Puppet.

Prior to the career, I graduated with a Bsc (Hons) in Information Technology specializing in Information Systems Security. I spent a good number of year with dwelling into security and systems administration. I used be a holder of Certified Ethical Hacker from EC-Council. After leaving OnApp, I joined OlinData where I my role is to be the lead engineer for all the clients and deliver trainings in Puppet all over Asia Pacific region.

Training and consultancy experience

I began training and consulting the moment I joined OlinData. I've worked with various consulting clients where all their infrastructure setups are unique from one another and requires attention whenever problem arises as these are critical infrastructures such as medical industry or travel and leisure. Additionally I conducted research and development for new and upcoming technologies such as Openstack, Mongodb etc for OlinData. I’m also the lead trainer for Puppet in Asia and I've deliver all the trainings in Asia for the past 1 year and my students' portfolio includes multinational corporations:

  • Yahoo! India
  • TomTom India
  • Salesforce Singapore
  • EMC2
  • Altera Malaysia
  • DSO National Laboratories Singapore
  • CBN Cloud Indonesia
  • NHN Korea
  • Cisco India
  • Samsung SDS Korea
  • CBN Cloud Indonesia

Specialist area

  • Linux systems administration
  • Puppet
  • Security penetration testing
  • DNS
  • Networking

Interesting facts

I'm a traveler and I love to travel around the world to experience exotic foods. I'm also a lindy hop dancer!

Get in touch with Choon

Call him on +31 (0)6 172 427 61 or send an e-mail to to him through the contact form.

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