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Walter Heck CTO/ Founder


About Walter

Walter, the founder of OlinData, is originally from the Netherlands. He has been running OlinData since 2008. Walter: “I love running OlinData! We’re blessed with a very skilled, very multi-cultural team spread out all over the world.” Walter’s (and thereby OlinData’s) goal is to spread knowledge and love for great open source technologies to as many people as possible, while offering a service that maintains an exceptional level of quality.

Get in touch with Walter

Call him on +31 (0)6 172 427 61 or send an e-mail to him through the contact form

Summary of business experience and qualifications

I started my career as a Delphi programmer in the corporate world. I programmed business applications against a variety of systems, including Oracle, MS SQL Server and Sybase.

After 6 years of Delphi programming I wanted something different, so I started OlinData and became a MySQL consultant. I traveled a lot and started speaking at many Open Source conferences.

Slowly I started working more and more with Zabbix (an open source monitoring solution) and decided to start a SaaS platform based on the Zabbix software. At the same time I started using Puppet for different environments and eventually this led to OlinData pivoting into high tech open source training. I believe in super-high quality training and in having production experienced trainers in our classrooms. I have implemented Puppet in over a dozen environments from really large to really small. I have trained Puppet trainings in two continents in over 10 different countries, giving me a good cross-cultural understanding of business conditions.

Lately I have been focussing on the Icinga monitoring platform and the elastic stack, both very interesting Open Source projects.

Education background

I am a self-taught man, mostly. I went to college for two years but I got very lucky with my first job right out of college. I thoroughly believe in learning through almighty google, and through interaction with my peers. I'm a naturally curious person so I like to figure out how things work and why they work that way.

Speaking style

I'm a very personal trainer, I like to adapt to the people I'm training. No need to call me Mr. Heck or anything (unless it is your preference of course). Questions can be asked anytime, and I'll either answer them on the spot or if you manage to ask me something I don't have a direct answer to I'll hunt it down for you.

Specialist areas

  • MySQL and MariaDB tuning and performance analysis
  • Icinga Monitoring
  • Elastic Stack
  • GitLab and GitLab CI
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Puppet Training and Consulting
  • Linux system administration

Interesting or little known facts about me

I used to travel around the world in a previous life, giving me a unique ability to connect with people across cultural divides. I have visited (and lived in) every continent except for Africa and Antarctica.

Get in touch with Walter

Call him on +31 (0)6 172 427 61 or send an e-mail to to him through the contact form.

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