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Musings of a Drupal Girl: At the Beginning

Submitted by Nicole Tang on March 30, 2013

Hi, I’m Nicole, a “little” girl from Singapore who is also a sales & marketing executive for OlinData. Besides my big love for communications, I have always wanted to venture into the world of tech, namely web development.

My Web Story

My brush with the web started back when I was an adolescent with my own personal blog about my everyday life. Back then, having your own “blogskin” was the in thing. We would go to, spend hours trawling through the many skins they had, pick one we loved, and then spend the next few hours editing the code to make it work for us.

That was the only way to get out of having to use the default Blogspot themes and have something unique. So not knowing a thing about html, I taught myself how to edit by studying the various codes in the blog and searching how to do things. This soon progressed to me designing my own backdrop on Photoshop, uploading it and copying + pasting code from various blogskin templates to create my very own blogskin.

It then continued to me learning the very basic web design through Dreamweaver during my diploma days, and literally taking on website building to build both the Wendon Dance Studio and Crown Dance Events websites.

Having never learned a CMS, my foray into Drupal started very, very recently thanks to my awesome colleagues Richard & Douglas, and me just wanting to learn. A huge thank you to Sven & Maung Maung at the Drupal Developer Network (Singapore) for getting me started with a beginner workshop.

Why Musings of a Drupal Girl?

The answer to that? It’s my 20% project! Here at OlinData, all of us are given the opportunity of spending 20% of our total working time on a project of our choice that is related, just like Google does for its employees. So out of the usual sales and marketing that I do for OlinData, I chose to learn all about Drupal and CMS.

Hence, with this blog series and me pretty much knowing almost nothing about Drupal, you can expect posts chronicling a “little” girl’s expedition into the world of Drupal and CMS, hence the name ‘Drupal Girl’.

First task of the day? Installing Drupal. I know there’s an Acquia way, and there’s the ‘real web developer’ way (also called the ‘traditional’ way)? That’s something for me to figure out and I will chronicle that in the next post.

My current inspiration? A few awesome “fellow” Drupal Girls from around the globe:
Gemma, the Philippines
Hana, Taiwan
Ariane, Canada
Raquel, UK
Lisa, USA

Have any suggestions/comments/advice for me? Or if you are a beginner like me too, is there anything you want to know how to do? I am all ears: the comment box is below and I welcome everyone to leave me some love. Till next week when I chronicle my installation… happy Easter!