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Content Strategy at Drupal Singapore Meetup - July 2013

Submitted by Nicole Tang on July 17, 2013

As I am very much into media and communications, I thought it would be a great idea (after some discussion with some awesome Drupal people) to give a presentation on the basics of a content strategy. Why, you might ask? Because a website always comes down to the content that you put in it, no matter what product/service you are trying to sell. Even if it is a personal website, you need to put in content about yourself. Hence, my presentation on how a content strategy is more than words at the Drupal Singapore meetup last night that was held at SmartSpace.

To make things easy, I found a simple video by Reload Media that tells exactly what a content strategy is.



Then we delved into the various types of content that websites have these days, and what each one of them can do for us.

In addition to the content that we ourselves put on our websites, I went into the importance of getting credibility from external sites to drive up SEO. In today's world, it is all about using your expertise to value-add to the information that is already out there - information that is currently searchable.

With feature articles that you write for a news site, an online magazine/newsletter, you are promoting yourself and/or your company in a great way because you are writing on a topic that you are good in and giving a new perspective. This adds credibility when others search for you/your company, as that article will come up and it will show that you wrote for a particular news site.

Imagine, how cool will it be if you wrote an article for National Geographic and it shows up on Google search? That kind of credibility is certainly invaluable.

Next up, we went into various types of social media networks to use and how it can help us. Facebook is important for a presence, but sometimes, it is LinkedIn, Google+ & Twitter that can actually bring more return.

And with that, we ended with a very participative Q&A session as in addition to me answering questions, audience members discussed answers as well.

Of course, what is a meetup without any great food? Thanks to the Drupal Society for the yummy nasi goreng!

PS: Guess what? The girls at Pixel Onion attended my talk too and I wasn't the only girl yet again! =)

Finally, if you want a copy of my presentation, please do feel free to download it:



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