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Rene Benner DevOps consultant

Portrait of Rene

About Rene

Early in his lifetime his parents already discovered his love for technical workings by tinkering with locks and keys, Opening and closing them to get to understand why and how it works while giving it fascinating looks and sounds. Now with him so many years older this guy is still the same; His love and passion for discovering the inner workings of computer systems and absorbing everything there is to know about the technical challenges while also finding alternative methods to resolve problems.
Rene has previously worked with companies specializing in Security, Shared Hosting and MSPs. He curiously and meticulously busied himself at workflows ranging from automation using Puppet and Ansible, Provisioning and Virtualization, Managed Hosting, Load-Balancing and optimizations.
Now working at OlinData as an Infrastructure Engineer, Rene is enjoying to automate everything where possible and studiously learning from his colleagues about everything Cloud related.

In time-off; Rene enjoys photography and to listen to- and make music, His other passion. In time, He aims to be having a Bachelor of Rock under his belt using his trusty Electric Guitar. When his fingers hurt from playing too much of the six-strings he is often found to play either board games or computer games, Tinkering with all sorts of electronics or reading a book.

Get in touch with Rene

Call him on +31 (0)617242761 or send him an email through the contact form.