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GDPR Consulting Services put your privacy concerns to rest

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years - we're here to make sure you're prepared​.

Process Management

In order to achieve compliance with GDPR regulations, we will review your internal processes and streamline them where needed.

This will ensure that the privacy- and security of Personally Identifiable data is not compromised.

Where we detect possible vulnerabilities, we suggest improvements and if you opt for it our GDPR consultants will help you implement the changes so you can stay compliant.

Technology Advice

The GDPR text is not particularly specific on how to actually implement GDPR compliance on a technical level. We have the experience to sit down with your senior resources and look at each part of your environment. From there we will suggest a plan that  improves your environment so that you not only have the processes in place but also follow the best-practices in terms of technical solutions.

Is this solution for you?

If any of these describe you, then you're a strong candidate for our GDPR consulting services.

  • You are a company which stores or processes data on private individuals who are EU citizens
  • You are already working on GDPR compliance but need help from a technical perspective

Convinced? Let’s get in touch!

Do you think your company could benefit from our help in the GDPR area?  Please give us a call on +31 (0) 70 240 0021 or fill in the contact form. We hope to hear from you soon!