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Managed Public Cloud Services lets you focus on your business

OlinData provides management of your cloud-based infrastructure so you can focus on your business. This service reduces cost and capital expenditure while improving agility and allowing you to direct your resources to other areas of interest.

What our Managed Cloud offers


Simple Provisioning, based on our pre-defined cloud stacks we can quickly deploy an infrastructure to get your website, service, or application hosted in the cloud in no time and add support for new applications quickly.  We can get your service up and keep it up-to-date for you.


Our Patch & Security Service allows us to keep your servers up to date.  Depending on your application, there are different workflows that we can leverage to ensure your application runs on the most secure platform possible.  Our engineers can help get your application hosted securely on the cloud. 


Our Change Pipeline gives you the ability to audit changes your infrastructure and software.  This information is invaluable to gaining various technical certifications and accreditations including but not limited to ISO 27000 and PCI Compliance.  Every change that happens to your platform you'll know about.  This information is available as a daily, weekly, monthly report, or this can be configured to notify you instantly on every change via Email, SMS, or ChatOps systems.


Our Continuous Integration Workflow empowers your developers to deploy and re-deploy new versions of your application quickly and painlessly.  We have template applications that you can try to fit your application into or our engineers can work with you to make your software deploy easily and painlessly with absolutely zero downtime for your customers.

Is this solution for you?


If any of these describe you, then you're a strong candidate for a managed public cloud.

  • Small/medium business with a growing web presence and no full time systems administrator.
  • You offer your clients some type of technical service (development for example) but your core focus is not hosting, security, or technical operations.
  • You sell a large percentage of your products online and every minute of downtime would mean significant sales losses.
  • You're a growing startup that wants to focus on your core product and not worry about operations and servers.

Want to see more examples of our work? Who we have worked for? See our cases and clients.

Convinced? Let’s get in touch!

Do you think your company could benefit from a fully managed cloud service?  Please give us a call on +31 (0) 70 240 0021 or fill in the contact form. We hope to hear from you soon!