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Remote management Reliable, flexible and cost efficient!

OlinData takes care of your specific infrastructural needs. We’ll make sure everything keeps on going. We manage remotely, to be as effective as possible. Inside or outside office hours. And always ready to work with you on-site when needed.

With our remote management service we take care of monitoring, security updates and we make sure your backups are always working correctly. Remote management by OlinData means getting the most out of your money.

  • We  work without distraction so we can be more productive
  • We don’t need to bill you for travel costs
  • We can bill in 15m increments instead of half/full days for onsite work
  • We are not bound to office hours so while you are sleeping we can still get work done
  • We don’t require your or our own presence on-site, making nightly maintenance much easier 

OlinData is the most flexible solution for reliable remote management of your infrastructure. Our remote contracts are open ended and can be canceled per month.

Technologies we like to manage for you

No remote challenge is to big for us!

So give us a call on +31 (0) 70 240 0021 or send us an e-mail and let’s discuss your remote management wishes today!