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Icinga Powerful monitoring of IT infrastructures

Icinga is a resilient, open source monitoring and metric solution based on a new object-based, rule-driven configuration. Monitoring a network with multitude of services, devices and dependencies between them is complex enough. No need to make set-up or maintenance of the monitoring system itself any more complex. That’s why Icinga adjusts to the ever changing conditions of your environment at run-time.

Premium Icinga partner


OlinData is the first premium Icinga partner worldwide. We have extensive experience and strong expertise. We are the only support partner in the Netherlands and can help you with almost anything to do with monitoring and metrics. Do you want to start using Icinga but do you feel unsure about where to start? Are you already using one of the many Nagios clones, but not to your satisfaction? Not sure how to set up a proper Icinga config? Need your in-house IT team to be more proficient in Icinga? Than let us help by doing the hard work for you! A proper Icinga Configuration setup with all your servers, databases and VMs is crucial so you can fully leverage on Icinga, and we certainly want to help you to get the best out of it for your business.

Working on Icinga with OlinData means increasing your operational and IT efficiencies, lower your deployment costs, save time and in turn, give you a higher ROI.

We offer a wide range of support possibilities for Icinga. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Examples of our Icinga experience


RaetsMarine (a MS Amlin company) was using a nagios offshoot called OpsView for the past several years. With the introduction of several DevOps tools we also brought automation into the mix. It then became clear that OpsView was not meeting their requirements moving forward. We proposed Icinga with it’s file based configuration and heavy puppet integration and decided it fit the bill. We first replaced the old monitoring setup with the icinga setup and then improved from there with InfluxDB and Grafana integration, Business Process Monitoring and SSL encryption of all monitoring traffic.


buytech approached OlinData in order to assist them with their initial Icinga proof of concept. We assisted them in getting Icinga to integrate with Jasper reports to provide the management with an overview of the status of the infrastructure. Our role included providing them with general advice on how to improve their setup for efficiency and adheres to the best practise standards.

Want to see more examples of our work? Who we have worked for? See our cases and clients.

Our Icinga services

Remote Management

No monitoring challenge is to big for us!

So give us a call on +31 (0) 70 240 0021 or send us an e-mail and let’s discuss your Icinga project today!