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GitLab Fundamentals Training

In this training, participants get all the basic knowledge needed to use GitLab effectively. New users will be taught everything from basic git control to using GitLab's built-in Continuous Integration setup correctly. The training contains 50/50 handson examples and theoretical knowledge and will be taught by veteran GitLab users so you can learn from their best practices.

Dates & Locations


  • Overview
  • Basic Setup & Installation
  • Git - A Simple Introduction
  • Issue Tracking
  • Milestones
  • GitLab Flow / Branching Strategies
    • Feature Branches
    • Environment Branches
    • Release Branches
  • Merging
    • Basics
    • Merge Requests
    • Issue Closing with Merge Requests
    • Forking
    • GitLab Container Registry
  • GitLab CI (Continuous Integration)
    • Introduction
    • Setup
    • Runners
    • Strategies
    • Secrets / Variables
    • Stages
    • Merging + CI
  • GitLab Server Administration
    • Users & Groups
    • External Authentication (OAuth / LDAP / Active Directory)
    • Monitoring
    • Service Integrations
    • Backup & Recovery Strategies
    • High Availability Methods and Strategies
    • Updating GitLab

In order to perform the hands-on exercises, each student needs to bring a WiFi enabled laptop to participate in the labs.


The Gitlab Fundamentals course is dedicated to users who already acquired version control basics and who would like to deepen the knowledge of the GitLab ecosystem.

What will you learn

After completing this course, students will will get an overview of how to use GitLab to create an effective code versioning, testing and deployment environment. A user who has completed the GitLab Fundamentals course is proficient in GitLab and has knowledge of the majority of the functionality in GitLab.

What is provided

  • Original training material from OlinData, endorsed by GitLab
  • Lunch for all 3 days of training
  • Support and help after the training


3 days

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Start date
World Trade Center, The Hague
EUR 1250 (exc. VAT)
Training dates
April 17th to 19th
Start date
World Trade Center, The Hague
EUR 1250 (exc. VAT)
Training dates
July 3rd to 5th