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Icinga 2 Fundamentals

In this training, participants get the basic knowledge to install Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2. It will be expanded by practical examples and best practices for Icinga 2 configuration, integration of remote clients incl. Icinga 2 Agent and PNP4Nagios as an integrated graphing solution in Icinga Web 2. Also, the graphical configuration via Director, business processes, visualization with NagVis and database monitoring are topics of this course.

Dates & Locations


  • Introduction into monitoring and the Icinga project
  • Installation and configuration of Icinga 2 with IDO database, Plugins and Icinga Web 2
  • Basic configuration
  • Practical examples of monitoring objects and Icinga 2's rule based configuration
  • Extending Icinga Web 2 using it's basic features
  • Graphing AddOn PNP4Nagios
  • Visualization with NagVis
  • Combine monitoring information to Business Processes
  • Graphical configuration with Director
  • Database Monitoring
  • Migration

In order to perform the hands-on exercises, each student needs to bring a WiFi enabled laptop to participate in the labs.


The Icinga Fundamentals is dedicated to Icinga and Nagios users who already acquired monitoring basics and who would like to deepen the knowledge of the new configuration format.

What will you learn

After completing this course, students will will get an overview of the new configuration format. They will gain indepth inside in the Open Source Monitoring sofware Icinga, its add-ons as well as the monitoring of modern IT infrastructure.

What is provided

  • Original training material from Icinga
  • Lunch for all 3 days of training
  • Support and help after the training


4 days

Training Partner


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Start date
World Trade Center, The Hague
EUR 1900 (exc. VAT)
Training dates
May 21st to 24th