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LFS301: Linux System Administration by Linux Foundation

This Linux system administration course helps you discover the tools used by system administrators in enterprise Linux environments, install new systems with a variety of Linux distributions and configure systems with new hardware and software combinations.

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The target audience will be system administrators and users who already have basic exposure to Linux or another Unix operating system constitute the target audience for this class. Anyone who is looking to acquire practical knowledge in the field of system administration in enterprise environments will save significant time by attending this Linux Administration class. Linux Administration should also be considered a necessary step for anyone who is considering more advanced classes in the Engineering or Architect tracks. The concepts covered in Linux Administration constitute an important building block for anyone looking to attend more advanced classes, in particular - Linux Network Management.

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Attendees should already have prior exposure to a Linux or UNIX system and practical experience with the command line interface at a level that is equivalent to what is covered in our Introduction to Linux course. Basic tools such as text editors, file utilities and basic tasks are assumed to be well understood prior to this course.

What will you learn

This hands-on 4-day Linux System Administration course teaches attendees how to install, administer, configure and upgrade a Linux system running one of the three major Linux distribution families (Red Hat, SUSE, Debian/Ubuntu). Heavily focused on enterprise environments, this course provides Linux system administrators with all the tools and concepts needed to efficiently build and manage a production Linux infrastructure. We present in this course the state-of-the-art techniques used in the industry and apply them in the context of practical labs.

What is provided

When you sign up for this course, we’ll mail you a complementary printed copy of the manual.

What is next

LFS416: Linux Security by Linux Foundation


4 days

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Linux Foundation

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