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LFS422: High Availability Linux Architecture by Linux Foundation

Learn to successfully design, implement, provision, maintain, and administer Linux high-availability clusters to support mission-critical workloads.

Dates & Locations

IT managers, system administrators, DevOps, and technical personnel operating on the Linux platform, as well as Technical IT professionals interested in bridging the gap between system administration and business decision making. Likewise, business analysts and decision makers who require visibility into current best practices in Linux IT architecture will greatly benefit from the topics covered in this class, as well as those professionals considering migrating to Linux from UNIX environments.

We are giving out the trainings in several ways:

Classroom Linux Training

  • Delivered in conveniently located training centers
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Online Linux Training

  • Delivered over the phone, with instructor screen sharing
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On-Site Corporate Linux Training

  • All courses can be delivered at your office for private, on-site training
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Custom Corporate Linux Training

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Linux Enterprise Architecture for High Availability is designed for IT professionals who are already familiar with Linux and Unix. A working knowledge of fundamental operating system and hardware concepts is required in order to maximize your learning experience, and experience with network addressing and topologies is a definite requirement. A basic foundation in mission critical deployments will also be a benefit.

What will you learn

This High Availability Linux Architecture for Mission Critical Workloads training will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully engineer, provision, maintain, and administer high-availability clusters to support mission-critical workloads. By leveraging the unique talent and experience from some of the largest Linux deployments in the world, the Linux Foundation built this course as a reference for IT architects and managers looking to engineer, provision, design, deploy and maintain highly available enterprise IT environments.
Heavily focused on mission critical workloads, High Availability Linux Architecture focuses on concepts and best practices used to meet security and high availability requirements using the latest hardware technologies, driven by current open source tools found in the three main Linux distribution families. We will cover why Linux on industry standard hardware is a viable mission-critical platform, what new features have been implemented and tested, and offer updates on vendor support and services.

What is provided

When you sign up for this course with an early-bird discount, we’ll mail you a complementary printed copy of the manual.
All customers also receive digital access to the manual for the course. This includes:

  • 12 months of access to the manual from the date of the course.
  • Access to the course manual wherever you have Internet connectivity.
  • Access to every update and revision we make to the course manual during this time period.

If you aren’t able to purchase during the early bird period, you will still be able to purchase a physical copy of the the most recent version of the manual anytime within 12 months of taking the course.

What is next

LFS416: Linux Security by Linux Foundation


4 days

Training Partner: 

Linux Foundation

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