When I joined to Olindata as a junior MySQL DBA I only had a vague idea about how Puppet, this open-source configuration management tool works in reality. I never really worked with a system like that, so I have been asked if I can learn it with Puppet Learning VM, which you can download from the following link here. This post is about how to set it up and what challenges you might encounter in this journey.

Today marks an important day in the world of Linux Training as well as OlinData's history: we are very happy to be part of the first batch of Authorised Linux Training Partners for the Linux Foundation. 

As a training company we're always on the lookout for new technologies to provide training in. If it's open source and there's demand for it, we'll provide it! Sometime middle of 2012 we started hearing more and more about Node.JS. We looked into the ecosystem and found what was at the time Cloud9 as one of the players with core committers on staff.

When it comes to technology, you never truly stop learning, especially with all the updates around. But what makes attending a training better than learning it yourself? Douglas shares 7 reasons why!

A short summary of what the Drupal team at OlinData has been doing this January for Drupal promotion as well as Drupal trainings.

OlinData’s want to bring open source configuration management to Asia has led the tech start-up to expand its operations by opening an office in Singapore.

OlinData is very happy to announce the first Puppet Fundamentals training in Kuala Lumpur that's happening from 25-27 April 2012.

OlinData is starting 2012 with a new endeavour: consulting and training for Puppet! We are on our way to becoming an official partner of Puppet Labs.

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