Auto-deploy Puppet Enterprise: Vagrant and Oscar

To automatically deploy a virtualbox setup with Puppet Enterprise installed on a master and subsequent machines hooked up to that master with everything ready to go PuppetLabs maintains a vagrant plugin called Oscar. This webinar explains what we can do with Oscar and what the benefits are.

High Availability and Distributed Monitoring with Icinga2

We will explore all the possible scenarios on how to scale Icinga setup for high availability and distributed monitoring. This involves creation of zones or clusters to provide us with a more powerful yet dynamic monitoring infrastructure.

Windows Application Management with Puppet

This webinar will help you to understand how to install Windows application and services, We will also look into how to manage windows services related to the application.

Continuous Integration with GitLab

This webinar will focus on various aspects of using Continuous Integration (CI). We'll touch on the various uses for CI, and then go over a few examples in various languages. This talk will be focused around using GitLab's CI, but aspects of this webinar will apply to other CI systems. The start of the webinar will include a minor introduction to Gitlab for those that are unfamiliar with it.

Project Management for Devops

This webinar we will explore how project managements are generally done for devops and the tool taiga.io will provide us with all the necessary project management tools.

Puppet forge

The puppet forge holds a large amount of modules. Some good, some bad and some average. How to navigate this jungle? What's the difference between puppetlabs supported and puppetlabs approved modules? You'll learn all of that and then some with this webinar.


PuppetDB gives users fast, robust, centralized storage for Puppet-produced data. It caches data generated by Puppet, and gives you advanced features at awesome speed with a powerful API.

Scaling your puppet infrastructure

A webinar episode that will show you how we can scale our existing Puppet infrastructure in order to support the growing demand for more resources.

Setting up Jenkins with Puppet

Our speaker will show you how to use puppet to deploy jenkins and even create pipelines from puppet. This can be particularly useful for people who need to run a large number of equally configured pipelines (for instance for automated module testing).